The typical representation of a learning curve

Learn anything in just 20 hours!

Learn anything in 20 hours?! That sounds crazy! Many people believe that you have to practise years and years and years to learn a new skill. They read books about the 10,000-hour rule which says that the very best in the world have practised a lot to become as good as they are, people like…
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Books on a bookshelf - graded readers

Graded readers – The best way to practise reading

Graded readers – What’s that, Phill? Imagine you start to learn a new language and you are really motivated. After a few weeks you have learned some great vocabulary and grammar and you feel ready to read your first book in your new language. That’s where the problems start. Books from the book store are…
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List to organise tasks and priorities

Organise your goals: Don’t wait, study now!

  The waiting game – zero motivation I met a friend a few days ago. We talked about my time in Spain, how I like it here and all the other difficult things about moving to a new country. He told me about his busy days without enough time to do anything. He wants to…
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Recording microphone

The best podcasts to practise listening in English

Podcasts to practise your listening skills When I started teaching English there were not a great deal of good listening resources available online. Many websites didn’t feel good enough to use them in class or to recommend them to my students. Luckily, this has changed dramatically over the past few years. There are now many…
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Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner – a book review

About the author Gabriel Wyner is an American opera singer who started learning languages because he had to sing in different languages like German, Russian or Spanish. He did a lot of research and found a way to learn languages fast and to become fluent forever. He published a book called Fluent Forever in 2014…
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A little motivation to practise and improve your English today!

A new life…and new problems. Some of you might know that I moved to Spain just two weeks ago. After over seven years in Australia it was a big step for me and the start of a new life. At the beginning everything feels strange – I can’t just ask for something at the supermarket…
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Image of Teacher Phill himself

Welcome to Teacher Phill’s website

I made it! I am really happy because I made this website. It is NOT a website for me, Teacher Phill, but it is for YOU to practise and learn English. Maybe you know my Instagram account @teacherphill. There, I show my students grammar, vocabulary and other fun things to learn English. On I´m…
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