C1 Advanced Writing Guide

C1 Advanced Writing Guide

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Get Your C1 Advanced Writing Guide Now

Let me help you with my experience and discover everything you need to pass the writing test in Cambridge C1 Advanced.

What are you waiting for?

I put all my experience into this guide and I’m sure that it will help you too. Start your journey to exam success today.

What you’ll get

  • Original Quality Content: Teacher Phill’s original content full of useful tips and tricks.

  • Proven Writing Process: I’ve included a simple step-by-step writing process that always works.

  • Comprehensive: Find in-depth descriptions of each of the different types of task.
  • Tons of Examples: 18 example tasks and answers with practical dos and don’ts.

  • Useful Language: Great easy-to-use expressions specific to each type of task.

Check out two samples HERE and HERE.