Writing Feedback

Writing Feedback



5 ★★★★★


You can find more information on these criteria below:

How your writing is marked in B2 First (FCE)

How your writing is marked in C1 Advanced (CAE)

You choose a task to answer on your own, for example, online, or you can ask me for a question to give you.

Choose a higher quantity if you want me to give you feedback on more than one text.

What you’ll get

✔ I correct your writing practice answer for B2 First (FCE) or C1 Advanced (CAE) within 3 days.

✔ Receive detailed written feedback on the four different marking criteria:

    1. Content
    2. Communicative Achievement
    3. Organisation
    4. Language

✔ I will go over your written answer and share a Google document with you – fast, easy and clear.

✔ Find comments about things you already do well and other areas that you can improve.