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PET - How to Write an Email

Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): How to write an email in 2021

Summary Mandatory task: yes Word count: around 100 words Main characteristics: Typical layout, functional language (agreeing/disagreeing, giving your opinion, offering to do something, explaining something) Structure: opening formula & paragraph, topic paragraphs, closing paragraph & formula Language: specific phrases to start/end an email, agreeing/disagreeing, giving your opinion, offering to do something, explaining something Example Dear…
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PET - How To Calculate Your Score

Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): How to calculate your score

Calculating your score in the PET exam can be a little bit confusing and a lot of students ask me how to do it. My short answer is always this: There are two different ‘scores’ in the PET exam. The first one shows you the marks you get for each correct answer and the second…
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Cambridge University

Cambridge B1 Preliminary (PET): Everything You Need To Know in 2021

Cambridge B1 Preliminary, or PET, is a popular exam to check your English level. Cambridge English is the organisation which designs it and people in many different countries in the world take the test every year. It is a great option to start your journey of learning English and in this article I’m going to…
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