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Cambridge B2 First (FCE): Everything You Need to Know

Cambridge B2 First: Everything you need to know When I moved to Spain I found that there are a lot of English schools and I started wondering why. What I found out is really interesting. Many parents send their children to get extra lessons because at secondary school classes are pretty bad. The teachers are…
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Graded readers – The best way to practise reading

Graded readers – What’s that, Phill? Imagine you start to learn a new language and you are really motivated. After a few weeks you have learned some great vocabulary and grammar and you feel ready to read your first book in your new language. That’s where the problems start. Books from the book store are…
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The best podcasts to practise listening in English

Podcasts to practise your listening skills When I started teaching English there were not a great deal of good listening resources available online. Many websites didn’t feel good enough to use them in class or to recommend them to my students. Luckily, this has changed dramatically over the past few years. There are now many…
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